About the Data

The Mapping Police Militarization (MPM) data are an effort to understand the usage of the 1033 program by U.S. law enforcement agencies (LEAs). Data on 1033 transfers is available for all U.S. counties between 2006 and 2014.

The standard data on transfers are available in .csv format. Each row in the .csv file records a transfer ‘event’ of equipment to a LEA; details about the additional information available for each event can be found in the codebook.

Spatial data on transfers are also available in shapefile format. Events are aggregated by county in the shapefile. See the codebook for information about the map projection and the attribute table.



The MPM data are publicly available. Users of the data are asked to cite the data as follows:

Radil, S.M., Dezzani, R.J. and McAden, L.D., 2017. Geographies of US Police Militarization and the Role of the 1033 Program. The Professional Geographer, 69(2), pp.203-213.

Article available at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00330124.2016.1212666.


MPM data

MPM Version 2 (2006-2018) standard file (csv)

MPM Version 1 (2006-2013) shapefile (zip folder)

MPM Codebook (pdf)